We can manage your portfolio to ensure that you get the greatest return on your investment, and what we can also provide is the ability of the Owner to manage their own money. I can show you how to and make your life less stressful. We also provide other services such as, Selling your Investment, or Property Management, since we are a Discount Broker, it is important to know, that we provide a great service to you, the Investor at a price that saves you money and still provides us with a living. 

To find properties to purchase we can be creative and use all of our resources such as, websites auctioning foreclosures, we use our other investors, we contact those on Craigslist, we contact the lenders directly like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or Wells Fargo and Bank of America. We also contact Owners directly and negotiate deals to close your new investment. In today's market, it is important to constantly be looking into and at properties that are distressed and in need of attention. This can keep the market flowing and our neighborhoods in good shape.

Another item to consider is that there are organizations in our market, that are assisting families who have had hard times, with money to afford to move into homes that are empty. Most have to qualify for assistance and they are monitored by their Case Workers, the idea is, if you have a investment which needs a tenant, the chances are you may be able to fill it with a Veteran, and/or a Family in need.

Real Estate In The Area knows how to work with investors, show them the short cuts needed to save time and energy, along with money to acquire their investments in a manner they are a custom to. Call today to arrange for a visit and to see what we have done for so many other Investors.

Whether your looking to purchase a home for investment or Homestead, we can help with that process. We work with expert Realtor"s all throughout Brevard County and can lead you in the right direction no matter what your situation is.

The buying process can be very stressful specially since the new laws went into affect this past year. We have closed over 3 million in sales for 2016 and are proud to say that we have NOT lost 1 sale that we went under contract for, during the 2016 year. In all our years in business we have only lost 1 deal, which is something I take pride in saying, since I do not know of any other Realtor who can say that.

We have homes for First Time Home Buyers, and did you know, you may qualify for a $7500.00 Grant to purchase your new home from the county as a grant.Real Estate In The Area will work very hard for you, keep you in the loop of each stage of your purchasing process and we will ensure that you, the buyer has the knowledge of what to do and expect after closing.

Working with Buyers is just one part of our expertise, Real Estate In The Area can negotiate, implement and close with ease, no hassles and no headaches, we make doing business with us easy. 

For All Your Real Estate NEEDS !

As an investor, you have to have a Realtor who has knowledge of the Industry, area and accounting, and one who truly loves what they do. We have been working with investors for over 20 years and know exactly what they are looking for. With the knowledge of construction we can provide repair numbers, add them to the cost of investment, deduct the expenses divide the income and come up with your Cap Rate, which is the % of money you make on your investment. A strong knowledge of the Industry is what it takes to find your properties which will provide you a strong return on your investment. There are always investments to be found, whether multi family units or single family homes. Brevard County is in dire need of housing, since the Economic Development Committee has brought in mass Industry. More jobs were created and those who have been here throughout the recession, have gone to the next level and are needing to purchase, and those who are just moving into the area are needing rentals until they decide where they want to live.

Real Estate In The Area L.L.C.

The Investor

​Home Buyer

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The Process

Choose a Mortgage person you feel comfortable with, we have many we deal with and have listed them on the Resource Page

     We can send you links to 5 of our New Buyer Sheets, that will give you plenty of info, "One Call says it all"   


    From the time you decide to purchase a home there are some tips you need to know:

     1) Do not make any purchases that would effect your credit score

     2) Do not apply for any new credit cards or lines of credit

     3) Do not give anyone your Social security number

     4) Always be aware of what monies are going into your account and out, you will need to provide a letter each month, through the process, to explain such  

         things as, I sold my car for $2500 and put the cash in the bank, the first question they ask is where did the money come from, so make sure you have

        paperwork to back up the money. Including the buyers bank statement showing that the money came from his account or just DON'T Do IT, wait until after

        the purchase is finalized.

We will then start looking at homes and make a decision as to where you want to live. Please remember to write the list of your wants and needs ahead of time, most people do not do this and fall in love with the first home, just because. so answer the question, "what do I want in a home for the next 7 years"? Keep in mind, it is very important to be aware of your full name / names, the names on the Contracts will be the names on the Deed, so let's do it right the first


Once we go under Contract, we then prep for what happens in the next 30 days, these items are your out of pocket expenses.

     The Inspection: This is when you hire someone to inspect the home for everything wrong and right, and I mean everything, which is NOT a bad thing.

     Keep in mind, it is their job to work for you and to provide you with the knowledge of everything in your new home. This does not mean that it all needs

     to be repaired to purchase it. All homes, even new, have flaws, or due to weathering and age they may need tender loving care. With my knowledge in

     Construction and my resources we, together can make an educated decision whether to move forward with the contract. There are 2 other inspections

     That are needed so that you can keep the cost of your insurance to a minimum, a Wind Mitigation (roof certification) and a 4 Point Inspection (HVAC,

     Electrical, Plumbing and Roof) Apprx - $275 - $450

     WDO inspection: this is the inspection which provides to you a Wood Destroying Organism inspection, is there rotten wood and what is the source? We live

     In Florida and can expect at one time or another, this may happen to your home. Is it curable, the answer is yes, termite bonds exist for a reason, that is

     when a company comes to your home and treats for Termites and provides to you a warranty for their treatment, this is highly recommended. Apprx- $75

     The Survey: A survey is needed when ever a home is being secured by a loan, This can be ordered by the title company or by you, call around and check

     out who provides this service and how much they charge. Once completed they will need to speak to the Title Company to get Certifications from the lender

     Depending on the size of the property will depend on the price, Apprx - $250 - $475

    One of the last items you will be out of pocket with with be your first years insurance policy, since your insurance and taxes are paid by your Mortgage 

    Company by way of Escrow ( a small amount each month going into the pool to be paid by them each year) they need the first year paid in full. Your

    inspections are very important because they effect how much you pay for insurance.  Please provide the Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Inspection to your

    Insurance Broker so that they can give you the best price to start with. 

From this point forward, Real Estate In The Area can monitor your closing process which could take up, a total of 45 days. We have seen some take 21 days and some take 60, it all depends on your circumstances. Delays come, usually due to something we over looked, like having an IRS debt, keep in mind you have to be current on all of your debt, including the I.R.S. Your Mortgage Broker or Lender will be very busy so you will need to follow up on everything you do

and contact them often.

Once approved for your loan, it will be the responsibility of the Title Company to provide you with the amount needed to close, if anything. This process is where it becomes frustrating since the new laws went into affect this past year. Stay calm, the one question we always ask the lender is, "will this close" if the answer is yes, stay calm, don't make any plans until the time is set up for closing. If you get into a crunch, just ask" what do I do now"? 

www.brevardmls.com for current listings